“Remember when you are lost in the forest, the trees know where you are”

– David Whyte

Elizabeth Walsh

Soul Medicine Guide

Elizabeth has been leading transformational processes for over 25 years. Combining many methodologies within consciousness education, her work is deeply ingrained in harmonizing the masculine and feminine energies. Her work focuses on integrating all aspects – mind, heart, body and spirit. Her shamanic training as a Soul Medicine Guide has spanned for as long as she can remember, but culminated intensely over the past 10 years, training directly with a Peruvian shaman.  Her initiations have trained her to walk others through the levels of pain, trauma and liberation that she has walked through herself.  She brings compassion, love and the embodiment of the divine feminine and mother archetype for the healing of people and our planet. She directly connects with pachamamma, calling on the earth wisdom and intelligence to create harmony and unity in community. She also brings vast experience in business, operations and marketing and catalyzes creativity to support others in discovering their life purpose by creating maps and pathways to actualize one’s goals and dreams. Her commitment and mission in this lifetime is to bring the world back to its heart… to guide people back to their original heart from her heart. Elizabeth travels internationally and works with people from all walks of life.

“I’m so grateful for the work I’ve been doing with Elizabeth! My experience with her has been transformative as well as heart and mind opening. I feel very safe and trust her in while we’re in sacred ceremony with how present she is. When she’s facilitating, she digs deep and with so much wisdom and skill helps to navigate whatever it is I’m processing. And, with curiosity, she guides to help open up new thought patterns and ideas. I feel loved, seen and held with Elizabeth’s huge capacity to love. I leave each session inspired and ready to integrate what I’ve received. Elizabeth is great during the integration process as well, available to explore and provide support when things come up. I’ve also partnered with Elizabeth on projects and love how collaborative and fun it’s been! I can’t wait to see what else unfolds as we continue to work together!”

Cindy Yantis, Writer & Creativity Coach

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