“Why heal with bitter soup when there is so much sweet water.” ~Rumi


“Every so often, you encounter an individual who can shed some light the threshold of transformation. Elizabeth Walsh has been that person for me. Elizabeth’s heart centered approach to facilitation has not only been an inspiration to but has also taught me the power of patience and loving allowance for all things to be in their own time and place. Elizabeth’s intuitive intelligence is a wonder to witness and I have watched her assist many individuals down the pathway to experiencing their own heart center and truth. I am very grateful for the space she creates and the integrity in which she holds it. I can safely say I recommend Elizabeth to anyone who is ready to walk their path of awakening.”


“Elizabeth is a masterful guide and transformational facilitator. I cannot imagine where I would be without her mentorship. I have felt her unwavering love and support in everything from releasing my childhood abuse and trauma to expanding my heart and my service in the world. I am eternally grateful and highly recommend this gifted woman/way-shower to anyone who is ready to stop pretending, get real and create healing and transformation to last a lifetime.”

Anahita Joon Tehrani
Author, Speaker, Leadership Mentor

Working with Elizabeth has provided me with quantum insights that have gone on to enrich so many facets of my life. Part investigative play with deep doses of truth-telling, her generosity has helped me open portals to self-mastery. I’ve discovered, and more importantly, re-covered, abundant reserves of my own worth, wealth and wisdom which in turn, has changed my life. 

Jaclyn Bernstein, Matriarch Films


“I met Elizabeth about three years ago. I had always been a searcher and seeker longing to live in my heart and follow my intuition but still thrive in the world. I was seeking balance and looking for meaning in a world that seemed pretty hard. During my first session with Elizabeth my heart opened wider than I had every felt and I was able to process feelings that were locked so deep in my body that I didn’t even know they were there. I remember tears falling down my cheeks and such deep remembering while all the while smiling because I was feeling so deeply in my heart. Once my heart “let it all go” I freed up space for so much more in my life to flood in. I made a move into nature, am more present with my children and have prioritized people and activities in my life that bring me true joy and true fulfillment. Through the work I have come to realize I am a true queen, as are all women. I will not allow myself to be treated any other way and I will teach my daughter that she too is a queen by role modeling grace, self love and compassion for others. I am grateful for Elizabeth and her gentle spirit and how I always feel loved and held by her. She will always gently guide me to what I know deep in my heart as my truth. Elizabeth’s work brings you back to yourself.”

Tiffany R., Realtor

“Elizabeth Walsh is a master at what she does. She has lovingly helped me transcend one of the most painful experiences of my life with her soulful guidance and experience working with hundreds of people who have experienced trauma. Elizabeth presses you to go far outside your comfort zone and look at parts of yourself that are often hard to see. Her energy is gentle, loving and compassionate and she creates a safe container to explore absolutely anything.  I am continually in awe of her intuition, connection with Spirit and ability to help others powerfully step into who they are and live their truth. Working with her is a gift you absolutely cannot afford to not give yourself.”

Dina Strada, Coach & Author


“Elizabeth has truly been a spiritual goddess in my own personal transformation. When I met with Elizabeth; I was going through a divorce, and a lot of personal issues I needed to work out in my childhood. She helped my transformation so beautifully, clear, precise, and connected that she was able to help me grow within two years versus ten years. There’s nobody in this world I would recommend over Elizabeth, because she is truly the best and is so patient and helps you guide you through your own feelings. She really transformed my life in such a positive and beautiful way. I absolutely love Elizabeth and I know she will help guide others through their transformations.”

Tami P., Realtor & Founder of Life Warrior Program

“I’m so grateful for the work I’ve been doing with Elizabeth! My experience with her has been transformative as well as heart and mind opening. I feel very safe and trust her in while we’re in sacred ceremony with how present she is. When she’s facilitating, she digs deep and with so much wisdom and skill helps to navigate whatever it is I’m processing. And, with curiosity, she guides to help open up new thought patterns and ideas. I feel loved, seen and held with Elizabeth’s huge capacity to love. I leave each session inspired and ready to integrate what I’ve received. Elizabeth is great during the integration process as well, available to explore and provide support when things come up. I’ve also partnered with Elizabeth on projects and love how collaborative and fun it’s been! I can’t wait to see what else unfolds as we continue to work together!”

Cindy Yantis, Writer & Creativity Coach


“I can honestly say that my life is better for having worked with Elizabeth! Elizabeth has shown me how to tap into my spirit, power and wisdom so that I can make healthier, more empowered life choices. I’ve come to Elizabeth with issues that feel insurmountable, and with her powerful questions, deep insights, and gentle guidance, she’s helped me get to the root of each problem in order to break old patterns and create lasting solutions. I always come away from our time together with new perspectives and powerful insights – loving myself more, and feeling excited to move forward. I would (and regularly DO) recommend Elizabeth to anyone!”

Cari McClure, Coach


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