sacred mission activation 2-day retreat

at Sacred Ground, March 8th to 10th 2024


This experience is unique and unlike anything else we’ve hosted before. Immerse yourself in a transformative 2-day activation experience designed to;

  • Visualize and Energize Your Vision
  • Amplify Your Mission’s Impact with Deeper Purpose
  • Thrive Through Community Growth and Connection
  • Unite Efforts for the Fulfilment of All Missions, Including Sacred Ground’s Mission


This two-day session will have two distinct energetic activations within sacred ceremony.



Immerse yourself in the rhythmic energy of heart activation. Break through barriers and embrace your true essence. This step ignites the pulse of purpose with the power of y(our) intention.

Grandfather Wisdom Connection

Immerse yourself in clear wisdom carried by Grandfather Energy. This ancient yet gentle force holds the insights of generations, empowering you with clarity, embodiment, and foresight that transcend time.

Soulful Creation

Get whole body integration and clearing with singing bowls, and you’ll anchor your activation with a piece of artwork, signifying your intention (All materials provided)

Empowerment and Renewal

The best part? We do it together, and together, we are stronger. Connect with a community of mission-centered kindred spirits.

Let's Get Activated

Your participation and investment supports our community to do more, be more, build-out and tend to Sacred Ground—allowing for even more possibilities for you and our mission in future.

We can’t wait to see you for this 2-day special journey. Space is limited and first come first serve.

What’s included:

  • Two Days of Ceremony
  • Accommodations at
  • Sacred Ground
  • Meals/Food
  • Integration

Investment: $1500

Are you ready to awaken to your Sacred mission?